Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cuteness at the Workroom and cats everywhere

We had a great time at the Workroom on Sunday! There was lots of great work to look at, and we made some really great and crafty BFFs. Here are some photos of the day for you, but to see more (and better) photos, you should really go see Karyn's amazing Flickr set.

Amazing cards and fabric by Melinda Josie. Do you see the cat-flower fabric?! (OMG)

Old Weston's trunk of wares!

Lot's of lovely fabric by Repeat Studio

This cat-face pillow was just one of the many cat-themed pieces we saw that day. Lines by: Davis

Lot's of Owls on the Lines by: Davis table.

Everybody tried on Becky's cute bow shoes hoping they would fit; they were the Cinderella shoes of the day.

Adorable needle book by Needle Book.

All kinds of colour and amazing work with Deadweight ...and a kitty.

The little lady on the right came home with us (so rad). Also, the neon catty fella on the upper left (with green circles) is Sandi's fat cat Oreo. Carolyn also owns a fat cat named Oreo. WEIRD CAT COINCIDENCE!

Cats, and bunnies and bears! Stitch Face had all kinds soft things to look at... and squeeze.

These clocks! *heart*

For some reason the photos we took of Argyle Acorn's trunks came out blurry. Boo. There's some good ones in Karyn's set though. See her pretty hair feathers there.

Oh and this is us.



  1. yay! it was so fun having you. is it possible to arrange buying a carton of milk from you (one in each colour)? my BF saw photos and says he MUST have them.

  2. Yes of course! We will make sure a couple make it to your shop. We'll send you a note to make sure you're around.


  3. My mind is blown by that incredible cat coincidence.

  4. I love everything! it looks like you like cats as much as i do!