Monday, November 23, 2009

Movies and Makers

We had a blast at the Movies and Makers show this past Saturday at the Fox Theatre. The show was in the theatre itself, so we had super cozy seats and nice warm lighting.
cutest sign evah
We debuted our holiday kitty cats at the show. These guys will be making an appearance on etsy later today. Here kitty kitty.
holiday kittens


The Fox concession stand was selling cupcakes! yum...

the girls
Wish we had taken photos of other tables, but we didn't. You'll have to check out the movie and makers blog to see some of the other vendors that were there.

We should mention how awesome the movie "Handmade Nation" was. If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, go check it out, it just came out on DVD. It's a little on the shaky shaky side when it comes to camera control (carolyn had to close her eyes a lot), but it's really well done otherwise. It's encouraging to see the stories and studios of other incredible crafters and to have the diy movement be put in perspective.

Props to Lisa and Andy for putting this sweet show together and having us be a part of it.

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